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If you are reading this, chances are you need a firearm licensed. If so, you’re at the right place!
We are a solutions company that specializes in the entire firearm licensing process, from start to finish. We also provide effective defensive firearm training to civilians and the security industry. We are fully backed by our partners at Gunnery Arms & Ammo and are currently in the process of constructing our very own on-site indoor shooting range!

Applying for a firearm can be a daunting process which is something we fully understand and consider. We are here to support you and absolutely all queries or concerns that may arise during the process. Although you need to pay us a visit for proficiency training, we offer competency and licensing application services to the entire country remotely from our humble offices, nestled between the picturesque Helderberg mountains and the Atlantic ocean in Somerset West.

Please have a click around to find out more about our many services! If you have absolutely any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Steps to obtain a gun licence in South Africa

The Gun Licence Application Process

Step 1: – Proficiency

Cape Town Only

You will need to do your proficiency training in order to apply for your competency certificate at SAPS.

You will need to do the legal test – R600

Each additional module costs R1550  (HANDGUN,SHOTGUN, RIFLE, SELF-LOADING RIFLE)

We also have a combination manual available for R5500 (Legal, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Semi-auto)

Benefits of doing the combination module include: Saving Money, Saving time, less writing and admin, being capable of handling multiple weapon platforms.

So in total to do your handgun and legal will cost R2150, all inclusive (workbooks, Open book tests, closed book tests, firearm rental, range fees and ammo).

You can purchase your books from us at any time, complete the open book tests at home in your own time, then make a date to come do the closed book tests
(very simple – no need to stress about them ) and the shoot. Your results will then be uploaded onto the PFTC and within approximately a week, you will get your certificate and statement of results.

Step 2: – Competency

Once you have your certificate and statement of results, you use these to apply at SAPS for your competency certificate. We can compile your entire competency
application pack. All you need to do is provide us with some info and collect an envelope containing your entire application pack. Our fee for this service is R650.

Step 3: – Licencing

As soon as you have received your competency certificate you may apply for your firearm licence at SAPS. In addition to selling firearms, we are able to compile your
entire firearm application pack. Just like the competency application, all you will need to do is provide us with some basic info and collect your completed application from us. Our fee for this service is R1350.

Firearm Training

Training Classes

gun licence fire arm training

Private firearm training

From R990

In addition to the accredited unit standards offered, we also offer a host of more advanced training that specifically deals with using firearms in defensive environments. We have tailored several courses to ensure you receive a wide range of exposure to all elements of defending yourself and your loved ones, by using the most effective tool at your disposal, your firearm.

gun licence proficiency

Private Proficiency


Proficiency is the very first step to firearm ownership. Join us in an unforgettable workshop that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively operate firearms as well as navigate a variety of situations. Once you have completed your proficiency training, you will be one step closer to firearm ownership!

gun licence for businesses

Business Purpose Proficiency


If you would like to start a career in the booming South African private security sector, look no further! We offer the full range of business purpose firearm proficiency courses. The process of obtaining your business purpose proficiency is exactly the same as your private proficiency.

We assist with Regulation 21

Processing Fee: R950

All private security operators actively working in the Republic of South Africa need to once a year complete a regulation 21 course in order to stay compliant with the law. We offer the full range of regulation 21 modules. Our classes are small and engaging, making sure that each and every security professional is able to sharpen their skills while staying compliant with the law. Our all inclusive fee of R950 includes one module, eg. Handgun. All additional modules are charged at R450.

gun license and firearm license training regulations 21


The first step to firearm ownership. We do it right – ensuring that you don’t have to re-apply. Backed by our 100% Money back guaranty.


Our motivations carry our legendary money-back guarantee. If we feel we are unable to obtain a licence you’ll be refunded in full *

Our motivations carry our legendary money-back guarantee. If we feel we are unable to obtain a licence you’ll be refunded in full *

TRAINING offers on-site theory and practical training. Ensuring you’re trained beyond requirements.

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Juan Jacques Jacobs
Juan Jacques Jacobs
Relaxed and professional service. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. Would highly recommend
Grant Swartz
Grant Swartz
Awesome experience ,learned valuable information.thx guys for your professionalism
Michael McCall
Michael McCall
Excellent service. Professional, friendly, informative and helpful. Highly recommend!
Heinrich Wobbe
Heinrich Wobbe
6 Stars. Great experience. Very informative and thorough class. Would recommend to anyone considering doing their firearm competency.
Cape Printing
Cape Printing
Great service!
Daniel E
Daniel E
Very professional and very thorough training!
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker
Great experience. So much more is taught than is required to just pass the course.
Andrea E
Andrea E
Outstanding service from Mark. Caring and thorough communication throughout ensured that the experience was very positive!
Joshua Cunliffe
Joshua Cunliffe
Thanks so much guys. Was stressing before arriving but as soon as I got there I felt so comfortable and Mark really took so much time to explain everything and make you feel comfortable with which ever module you choose. Thanks guys! Will highly recommend you to everyone I can.