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The sole purpose of gunlicence.co.za is to make licencing firearms for law abiding citizens as easy and smooth as possible. We are a passion driven company with years of experience in the field. We strive to empower the South African public through education, expertise and most importantly, Action!

We cater to everybody!

  • Proficiency training
  • Competency certificates
  • New firearm licences for personal use
  • Inherited and estate firearms
  • Business purpose firearms (security companies)
  • Regulation 21 compliance
  • Business purpose proficiency
  • Civilian handgun defensive training

Our advanced level accredited instructors have a real passion for first time shooters! Nothing brings them greater joy than seeing a nervous novice quickly transform into a confident, excited shooter. We are a one stop shop!

We are fully backed by our partners at Gunnery Arms & Ammo! So, getting your hands on top quality firearms is as easy as squeezing a trigger!

We also cater to the security industry. In addition to delivering a host of world class services, we also cater to the security industry in the form of top quality tactical gear. We have been servicing our many happy clients for years and are always happy to accept new members into our supply ranks!

In short, we’re a solutions based company. We sell results!

Check out our FAQ or get in touch to have all of your questions answered!

Meet our Staff

Sharp Shooters

Nathan Gunlicence Instructor


Instructor / Manager

Nathan has been with the company for several years and has a deep understanding of our values and culture. His passion for firearms and customer service make him the ideal manager for our business. Over the years he has proven himself to be a knowledgable firearms instructor and a real team player.

Kyle Gunlicence Employee Frontline Man


Front Line Man

Kyle joined our team after more than half a decade in the private security industry. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge about firearms and the various technicalities with their licensing and administration. Kyle has a real passion for customer service and has proven himself to be a valuable part of the team.

Gunlicence Employee Administrator


Key Administrator

Abigail hails from a very successful background in competitive shooting, having won various national titles, she has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the mechanics for all things firearm related. She currently boasts a 100% success rate in all applications. A number that she does not intend on changing. She has proven herself to be a real asset to the Gunlicence team.

Mark Gunlicence Employee Instructor



Mark – Mark started out his firearm journey when he picked up a stick at the age of 3 and pretended it was a gun. Since then, he has enjoyed a successful career in the competitive sport scene as well as working for several large firearm retailers. He stated Gunlicence in 2017 and now spends his days running advanced courses and playing chess at the local coffee shop.

Google Reviews

Juan Jacques Jacobs
Juan Jacques Jacobs
Relaxed and professional service. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. Would highly recommend
Grant Swartz
Grant Swartz
Awesome experience ,learned valuable information.thx guys for your professionalism
Michael McCall
Michael McCall
Excellent service. Professional, friendly, informative and helpful. Highly recommend!
Heinrich Wobbe
Heinrich Wobbe
6 Stars. Great experience. Very informative and thorough class. Would recommend to anyone considering doing their firearm competency.
Cape Printing
Cape Printing
Great service!
Daniel E
Daniel E
Very professional and very thorough training!
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker
Great experience. So much more is taught than is required to just pass the course.
Andrea E
Andrea E
Outstanding service from Mark. Caring and thorough communication throughout ensured that the experience was very positive!
Joshua Cunliffe
Joshua Cunliffe
Thanks so much guys. Was stressing before arriving but as soon as I got there I felt so comfortable and Mark really took so much time to explain everything and make you feel comfortable with which ever module you choose. Thanks guys! Will highly recommend you to everyone I can.