Firearm Competency

We handle the paperwork, so that you don’t have to

If you are a first-time firearm owner, applying for your competency certificate from the South African Police Service is the second step in the firearm licensing process. This is done by submitting your proficiency certificate along with SAPS application forms and some attachments.

We can make this step incredibly simple and hassle free. All you would need to do is complete and return a basic mandate form to us.

We will then:

  • Correctly complete your official SAPS application documents.
  • Draft character reference letters.
  • Ensure all documents are accurate and correctly compiled.
  • Draft a concise motivation to ensure your application is successful.
  • We will print and compile your entire application pack.

All you need to then do is submit your application pack at your nearest DFO (Designated Firearms Afficer).
There are 3 different types of competency applications.

    • New competency application
      This is done when a person is applying for their first competency certificate, after having passed the prescribed proficiency course.Competencies can be issued for Handgun, Shotgun, manually operated rifle, self-loading rifle, or a combination of the above firearms.
    • Further competency
      This is done when a person already has a competency certificate and is now applying for additional firearm classes. For example, if you have a handgun competency and you decide at a later stage that you would like to license a shotgun and rifle, then you would need to submit an application for further competency to SAPS. Once this competency has been issued, you will be eligible to apply for shotguns and rifles.
    • Competency renewal
      The Firearms Control Act dictates that competency certificates need to periodically be renewed. The rule of thumb used is that competency certificates are valid for 5 years, if there are no firearms licensed in that particular class of firearm. For example, if you were issued a competency certificate for handgun in 2015 and did not ever submit an application for a handgun licence, you would need to renew your competency certificate in 2020. If however you applied for an occasional sporting licence (section 15) for your handgun, your competency would remain valid until your handgun comes up for renewal in 2025.

We aim to make the competency application and renewal process as simple as possible, offering you a comprehensive application pack, which is covered by our legendary money back guarantee. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or request your mandate form.

We are excited to be able to assist you in applying for your competency certificates and renewals anywhere in South Africa!
We are able assist you fully via email and courier.

1. Complete and return your mandate form.
Once you have requested our service via one of our many channels of communication, we will promptly send you the correct mandate form. The purpose of this form is to collect the information necessary to compile your bulletproof application pack. Once you have completed the form, you can send it back to us via email, along with the few attachments.

2. Allow us 10 days to work our magic.
We are extremely proud of our level of craftsmanship, as such we ask that you give us 10 working days to professionally build and compile your application pack. We go through great lengths to ensure each application pack is worthy of the money back guarantee.
Once your application pack has been completed to a standard that we are happy with and that you deserve, we will either notify you that your pack is ready for collection at our shop, or we will have your pack couriered to your doorstep, anywhere in South Africa!

3. Hand in your bulletproof application pack to your nearest DFO
Once you have received your application pack, please follow the simple instructions on the front. These will usually be:
– Sign motivation
– Add 2 x colour ID photos
– Pay SAPS R77 in cash

As well as any customer specific notes.
You will then submit your application pack to your nearest police station for processing.

Terms & conditions

  • All amounts are to be paid in full before may begin any work.
  • Any refunds initiated by the client will carry a 25% administration fee, provided no work has begun on the application in question.
  • If the client does not supply with the required documents within 1 year, any money paid will be forfeited.
  • No refunds will be given if has begun work on an application.

Our fee for this professional service

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