Terms & Conditions

1. Firearm Proficiency Training

  • All proficiency training is conducted by Gunnery Arms & Ammo Firearm Training Academy. All monies are paid directly to Gunnery and Gunlicence.co.za is paid on an ad hoc basis for work completed.
  • All proficiency training is subject to Gunnery’s refund policy.
  • There is a 50% cancellation fee on all proficiency courses, and all proficiency courses will expire after 12 months from date of purchase. No-shows and cancellations within 72 hours of the class will lead to a penalty fee.
  • Due to extremely small class size, all cancellations, for whatever reason will carry a R500 re-scheduling fee. This is necessary to make the small classes viable.
  • Each student will receive the opportunity to re-write a failed exam for free. Subsequent re-writes will carry a R500 fee.
  • Each student will be able to re-shoot at a cost of R500 per module. This is required so that we can keep our initial ammunition cost low.

2. Firearm Licensing and competency administrative services

  • All amounts are to be paid in full before Gunlicence.co.za may begin any work.
  • Any refunds initiated by the client will carry a 25% administration fee, provided no work has begun on the application in question.
  • If the client does not supply Gunlicence.co.za with the required documents within 1 year, any money paid will be forfeited.
  • No refunds will be given if Gunlicence.co.za has begun work on an application.

3. Business to Business services

  • Any money paid to Gunlicence.co.za for consulting of any nature is non-refundable.
  • Clients must follow the advice of Gunlicence.co.za exactly and in a timeous manner, for any guarantees to be applicable.
  • If the client does not supply Gunlicence.co.za with the required documents within 1 year, any money paid will be forfeited.

4. Training and courses

  • Due to limited class space and the fact that we stop advertising once a class has been booked, no refunds will be given once your spot has been booked. This is critical to making the small class sizes viable. Even if you don’t pitch, staff, range fee, equipment, etc must still be paid.
  • Clients attend training on their own free will and take full responsibility for any injury or death that may occur during such training.
  • Clients must ensure that they possess the required skills to adequately participate in training.

5. Money back guarantee

  • Gunlicence.co.za holds itself to an extremely high standard, as such we offer our clients a no nonsense money back guarantee on all firearm licensing and competency application services.
  • This guarantee is valid for all licensing and competency services. This guarantee is not valid under the following situations.
  • The client has lied or been dishonest in the application process.
  • The client does not allow Gunlicence.co.za to complete their application and requests a refund of their own accord.

6. Service Offering

Gunlicence.co.za reserves the right to refuse service at any point in time, at their own discretion.