Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in the entire firearm licensing process, holding your hand every step of the way.

What is the Money-Back Guaranty?

Your licence or your money back! Simple as that! At we do things slightly differently. We aim to deliver certainty in these uncertain times. We are proud to be one of the only companies in South Africa that offer a money back guarantee on our application packs. Our sole mission is to make the firearm licensing experience as simple and straight forward for our loyal clients. Our application packs are of such high quality that we are happy to cover the financial risk associated with a firearm licence refusal. At the end of the day, you pay for results! In the event of your application being refused, we will appeal your refusal on your behalf, free of charge. If we are unsuccessful, we offer you the option of a full refund, or the assistance to continue fighting for your licence, free of charge.

Can I get a gun in South Africa?

Yes! It is much easier than you may think. Requirements: Be over the age of 21 or hold dedicated status, Have a criminal record free from violent crime,  Be an SA citizen or hold a permanent residence status.

How do I get a gun licence?

We specialize in the entire firearm licensing process,
holding your hand every step of the way.

Below is a brief overview of the simple process.

Step 1: – Proficiency

You will need to do your proficiency training in order to apply for your competency certificate at SAPS.

You will need to do the legal test – R600

Each additional module costs R1550  (HANDGUN, SHOTGUN, RIFLE, SELF-LOADING RIFLE)

We also have a combination manual available for R5500 (Legal, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Semi-auto).

The benefits of doing the combination module include: Saving Money, Saving time, less writing and admin, being capable of handling multiple weapon platforms.

So in total to do your handgun and legal will cost R1850, all-inclusive (workbooks, Open book tests, closed book tests, firearm rental, range fees and ammo).

You can purchase your books from us at any time, complete the open book tests at home in your own time, then make a date to come do the closed book tests (very simple – no need to stress about them 😊) and the shoot. Your results will then be uploaded onto the PFTC and within approximately a week, you will get your certificate and statement of results.

Step 2: – Competency

Once you have your certificate and statement of results, you use these to apply at SAPS for your competency certificate. We can compile your entire competency application pack. All you need to do is provide us with some info and collect an envelope containing your entire application pack. Our fee for this service is R650.

Step 3: – Licensing

As soon as you have received your competency certificate you may apply for your firearm license at SAPS. In addition to selling firearms, we are able to compile your entire firearm application pack. Just like the competency application, all you will need to do is provide us with some basic info and collect your completed application from us. Our fee for this service is R1350

You only pay for the service we are rendering at any given time, so you do not need to pay for the whole course upfront.

What is the difference between proficiency and competency?

Proficiency is issued by the training academy where you did your closed book, open book and practical test. Competency is issued to you by the South African Police Service. In order to be able to apply for competency, you must first be issued with a proficiency certificate.

How does my referral voucher work?

Your voucher can be used for any of our licencing services, which include competency applications or renewals as well as firearm licence applications and renewals.

Each client can use a reference code once.
You can gift your voucher to a friend.
Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

I was a member of law enforcement. Does my training allow me to licence a firearm in my personal capacity?

Unfortunately not. The proficiency training given by SAPS and law enforcement, as well as other state organizations is different to the unit standards required for licensing a firearm in your personal capacity.

How long does it take to get a gun licence in South Africa?

The short answer is that SAPS have 120 working days to process an application.

If you are a first time gun owner, you will need to submit two applications to SAPS. The first for firearm competency. The second will be for a licence to possess the specific firearm you have chosen to licence.

There is very little science and no guarantees to exactly how long the South African Police Service will take to finalize your application. If you apply using an application pack completed by you will however enjoy a money back guarantee on the fact that your application will be approved.

An overwhelming majority of our clients have told us upon collecting their guns from our shop is that they wish they had started the process sooner.

As one client put it “ in 8 months you can either have a gun, or not. 8 months is going to pass either way”

Signs indicate that the waiting period will improve in the near future.

Can you shoot someone in the leg to protect your property?

The short answer is no.

Under the South African constitution, the right to life supersedes all else. Someone’s right to life comes before your right to own property. The only time someone “gives up “their right to life is when they are criminally endangering someone else’s life. You may only use your firearm to defend life, not property. Shooting someone in the leg, or any other part of their body is seen in the same light as shooting them between the eyes.

Having said that, you are not expected to simply sit idly by as your property is stolen or damaged. You can intervene by getting verbal. If that does not work, you can engage the suspect with the intention of subduing him and handing him over to SAPS.

If at this point, your life is threatened, you may use any means to defend yourself, including the use of a firearm. Please notice how at this point, you are not using a firearm to defend your property, but rather defending your life.

Please never use your firearm to “teach someone a lesson”.